Wow, how time flies! 16 years ago today…

Just stumbled on this and I thought some here would find the quotes pretty cool, especially considering how much things have changed on the DMB front in the last few years.

Dave Matthews Band
May 31, 1993
Opener for The Waller Family
Zollman’s Pavilion (Washington & Lee University), Lexington, VA

True Reflections
Seek Up
Lie in Our Graves
Ants Marching
Pay for What You Get
Tripping Billies
Jimi Thing
Typical Situation
The Song That Jane Likes »

After Pay For What You Get, LeRoi says the following, “When you get old and grey and you think back on your better days, just imagine the good feeling of looking at your Dave Matthews Band t-shirt and just recollecting, reminiscing… Going back in your mind to those fun days at W&L at Zollman’s Pavillion, right back there at the soundboard with the Dave Matthews Band t-shirts for sale. And also the profits we make from those t-shirts go into producing our first cd which we’re working on right now. So help us out a little bit, buy a t-shirt…

“When your children are freaking out on some mediocre musician who’s popular for a short time on the radio (Dave: “In the year 2010″), you can say, ‘I remember, I used to go out and hear Boyd Tinsley play with Dave Matthews Band. I REMEMBER, I remember when I was in college, before I became the president of IBM, I remember Boyd Tinsley RIGHT THERE at Zollman’s Pavilion. I’ll never forget that last show with that striped shirt he had on, new glasses… And he was feelin’ ill that day, slight cold, but he played his ass off… And every time I look at that t-shirt I just remember when I was young and the world was beautiful. That’s right…”